Since 2006, MC2 Concept has been evolving in the world of cross-platform video production, new medias and digital marketing. You will not only find a personalized service, but also good advices for the content you want to produce.


We are into translating your ideas into images.

Whether it's a small video shooting with only one cam or an elaborated large-scale production, we know how to maximize the budget allowed and even giving you more for it.

We also offer outstanding customer service. We own our material and we rent only when nécessary, that makes us price competitive.

Our expertise is live web broadcasting, multi-camera recording and corporate video (informative and video recap, corporate portrait, internal or promotional videos, advertising, etc.).

  • Versatility and quick content delivery
  • Web and traditionnal broadcast knowledge and standards
  • Varied expertise and access to a wide network of contacts
  • ASAP construction​ certification
  • Full civil insurances 
  • Abroad work experiences
  • Sports video shooting: fighting sports, skating, ski/snowboard
  • Drone Pilot - Advance licence
What distinguish us
Starting linup - The DUO

Martin – Founder

Producer, director and videographer, he is passionate about  live production and project management. He loves to put the pieces of the puzzle in place!


Drolatic, curious, and efficient, he makes sure everything rolls on wheels.

His expertise is marketing and concept design, finding solutions, tweaking content and managing resources!

He is a licenced advance drone pilot!

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions about our services and prices



Alexandre - Production Manager

Director and videographer, he is passionate about editing. He loves finding new ways to make what has been imagined.


Redheaded by nature and bearded by choice, he ensures that everything is finalized on time ...

And if that is possible, why not before!


His expertise is definitely editing and computer graphics. He is however very fond of Live new platforms and broadcast technologies.



20 years of experience as a lighting designer, technical and tour director, production assistant and director. Active in multiple spheres of video creation and the performing arts, including rock, dance and the children's theater.



Director of photography behind several advertising campaigns, music videos and television projects. He uses his 10 years of experience to faithfully translate the vision of the client or the director into images.


Email : service@mc2concept.com
Tel : 514-717-8863

MC2 Concept

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